Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer, Water, Mermaids- Limited Edition, Signed Prints

Hot and sultry days, heirloom tomatoes and corn, diving into the waves, going fishing, sailing, looking for mermaids...

Since summer is upon us my printmaker in Charleston is doing a limited print edition of two of my mermaid paintings- "The Attraction of Fishing" and "Water Music".  There is more about these two paintings in the archives of my blog, so just scroll down.

I received the proofs yesterday and I am excited to say that they are perfect. They are printed on beautiful archival paper, signed and numbered. Let me know if you would like to order one or both!

The Attraction of Fishing

                                                                   Water Music

Price and size options:
The Attraction of Fishing-  15" x 20"   $275
                                                20" x 28"  $375

Water Music                       16" x 20"   $275
                                              24" x 30"   $395
10% discount for two prints